Increased app availability on ios and android devices

The most recent versions of the Phanerus Comms app, versions 2.5.7 on ios and 2.4.7 on android devices, makes texting a whole lot easier, from your mobile phone. With the new device recognition and authentication feature, you no longer have to use a 4 digit security pin to get into the app, when you choose to use it.

Once you are through with sign up and activation, you have instant access to your dashboard each time you launch the app on your device. It may be to use your SMS balance, make SMS expenses, compose and send or to schedule SMS or MMS messages.

This version, of the Phanerus Comms App, equally comes packed with FCM ( Firebase Cloud Messaging ), bringing push notifications into your device for System to end-user interaction. Such as failed account login on, message delivery, message routing, and promotional packages.

Get the update today, on your device from the Google Play or Apple stores.

Android App
  • You get a virtual phone number.
  • Send and receive unlimited incoming and outgoing messages from and to any phone number.
  • Send media files – images (emojis, stickers, animated GIFs), audio (voice notes) and video as media messages.
  • Dynamically store and retrieve numbers, for your friends and family, in your phone book.
  • No mobile carrier service required.
  • Compatible with all your Android and IOS devices.
  • Outgoing messaging report.
  • Push Notifications.