Phanerus comms app

Mobile communication

Among mobile devices, the blackberry phone was the first to implement computing alongside communication, as early as 2002. Followed by apple’s first version of the iPhone in January 2007 and Google’s Android operating system in October 2008. As a result of the innovative touch-screen user interfaces, with large robust platform features, which the iPhone and Android smartphones presented, they dominated the smart phone industry. The need for developer resources for each device platform, started to increase; as the new definition of mobile communication gradually became mobile computing.

The presence of processing power within the device, has made it possible for IT optimised communication services – not carrier based – to enter the telecommunication space. Specialized Mobile communication applications for several industries have swept the market, for everything from transportation to social networking and even telecom.

Phanerus has taken a position in the mobile computing for telecom space and has released its first application on the android and IOS platforms.

The Phanerus comms app was first launched on 14th July 2018, after it was published on the Android platform.

It was subsequently published on the IOS platform on the 3rd of January.