Extending the telecommunication core through Information Technology

IT meets with Telecom at the place of computing power. The heavy use of computers by modern day telecommunication systems and the gradual decline in the use of core telecom protocols, has brought about the term IT and Telecom.

Telecommunication is about moving information from a transmitter to a receiver. This is achieved, through the use of active and passive devices such as modulators, demodulators, radio units,  coaxial cable, structured cable, fibre optic cable and the wireless spectrum. The propagation of this information is done through electrical pulses, traveling at varying frequencies. The core rating for each channel, being the carrier frequency, which it uses for signal modulation and transmission.

These devices, however, do not constitute computing infrastructure. They exist solely as part of the telecommunication network.

The place where IT begins to become useful for telecoms, is at the network level. Where IP addresses can be used for identifying devices and equipment. Recent versions of wireless protocols, that previously utilised only the application, presentation, session and transport layers, now use the network layer as well. Examples are 3G mobile telephony, WiFi, thread and bluetooth version 4.2, which directly connects to the internet, using the IPV6 protocol : 6LowPAN. This is a good example of IT coming into the telecom space. 

Telecommunication systems, do not only transport information they also process them through conversion from one form to another. An example is coding in digital systems for error correction and bandwidth optimisation. Also digital to analog conversion, which precedes connection to the wireless interface, through an antenna. Along with processing by repeater stations which use a final destination address to forward a signal. 

As a result of these data processing aspects, which are typical for modern digital communication systems, the extensive use of computers is required. Making computers an integral part, in a telecommunication network, for use in signal transportation and processing. 

Phanerus Technologies exercises both IT and Telecom rights, in the development and deployment of its products and service.  Producing continued innovation with improved end user experience, using these two approaches, for each communication technology that is brings to the playing field.

With Telecommunication as the end, and IT (Information Technology) as the means, to achieving that end; the customer can gain a panoramic spectacle of the nature of our business.  

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