Real-time notifications on the Phanerus App

With the success of Android and IOS devices for mobile communication. Newer and innovative avenues for messaging, such as Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM), have increased the range of what can be done through short messaging, beyond traditional SMS services. Short communications such as alerts, updates, reminders, and promotions can be better targetted using notification services.

When you install the Phanerus Comms App today, on your Android or IOS device, you can start getting such real-time account access notifications on your device. Such as when your username is used to sign into the website or when your password is typed wrongly. Some Phanerus web activities, which trigger notifications on your mobile device are:

  1. Account Balance change when credits are added.
  2. Account Access Successful or not.
  3. Bulk Message delivery to the SMS center.
  4. Discounts and Promotions.

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