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Enterprise SMS

Phanerus Technologies has made available a powerful messaging service that allows businesses to engage directly and quickly with customers, their employees or suppliers.
Enterprise SMS which can be used for time critical updates, customer feedback, alerts or reminders can help businesses send or receive SMS to individuals or groups. Helping the reduction of costs, saving time and boost business processes.

Why Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS remains the most effective channel for the delivery of high importance, timely and very critical information, With message open rates of up to 98% within the first three minutes and message read rates of up to 90% within the same time frame there is no better solution when it comes to delivering text messages for business communication.

How it works

You can get started by connecting your application to the Phanerus Technologies platform using our easy to use SMS APIs, our mobile application portal or our web based application. With over 6 years experience in the SMS industry you can trust us to deliver a reliable and stable service with global coverage at the best market rates.
Today we send messages each month for large and small companies, software providers, stand alone IP applications, SMS aggregators, which vary from banks to restaurants, to travel to retail, gaming and much more.

Here are some examples of enterprise SMS usage:

Verification codes   Appointment reminders   Payment notifications
Weather and travel updates   Marketing promotions   Booking and event confirmations
Order and delivery reminders   Service updates   Bank alerts  

You can send Bulk SMS using