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Reseller SMS

With our grade one carrier connections, reliability and expertise, lots of SMS aggregators trust us to deliver their SMS traffic.
Phanerus Technologies offers, SMS coverage reaching over 700 networks world wide using reliable and secure routes to terminate SMS ensuring your messages get delivered on time.

Our Platform

Phanerus Technologies platform provides 99.8% uptime.
We provide full reliability and throughput with message termination fees at very competitive reseller market rates.
With the help of our API you can connect to our high performance platform to use either our Bulk SMS or Two-way SMS service.
You can take advantage of our 6 years experience in the SMS industry along with other resources and support that ensure you receive the best level of service.

Key features

SMS API-HTTP   Concatenated, binary and unicode messages   High volume throughput  
24/7 monitoring   Online reporting   Technical support   Platform redundancy

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